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"I have never heard of Sanfilippo syndrome!"

They are the most common words we have heard. For us it is part of our life and we seek support to create awareness, visualization and location of families.


¡Help us create a community for Sanfilippo Syndrome!

We are looking for leaders like you, who allow us to make new alliances that lead us to maintain a team that produces a better quality of life for patients and families.


Donate Now

Did you know that with a small contribution we can start our projects, provide different types of help and services, which improve the quality of life of children and their families.


About Us

We are a family that after many medical tests, received the diagnosis of Sanfilippo Syndrome for their eldest son. Due to the little help and knowledge of the disease, we created a private non-profit organization in March 2019.
We seek the support of friends and different entities that allow us to create awareness, visualization and location of patients and families affected by this rare disease.

Our Friends

Thanks to our friends, we have been able to fulfill the purpose of providing a better quality of life. What are you waiting for, JOIN

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