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Symposium "Understanding Mucopolysaccharidoses"

World MPS Awareness Day is celebrated every May 15 and tries to spread awareness worldwide about the different Mucopolysaccharidoses and Mucolipolysis, diseases unknown to many.

Join us and help us raise awareness


World Awareness Day

Let's get people talking about Sanfilippo syndrome on November 16!

World Sanfilippo Awareness Day is all about spreading awareness and sparking conversations globally about Sanfilippo Syndrome, a disease few have even heard of. This special Awareness day is in honor of children around the world living with Sanfilippo Syndrome today and those who have passed away. It also honors the families of these precious children.


Transparency and Honesty

We inform you that the Sanfilippo Colombia Foundation does not have personnel from outside our institution to raise funds or hold PRO events for children and families with Sanfilippo Syndrome in Colombia.
All activity is directed from our Foundation and must be published on social networks and our WEB page.
In the same way, we remember that any transaction or donation is always channeled through the foundation, for which no one is authorized to receive money or donations in kind on behalf of the Foundation.

If you have questions about any event or activity, contact us. 


Fundraise for us

We are always looking for new activities but due to the current restrictions we have not been able to carry out different events that we had planned.
You can organize an event in favor of our foundation.

Do you have an idea?? Contact us.

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